By the year 2043 high tech wars and environmental destruction left little life on Earth. Foreseeing this calamity a few pacifist scientists escaped by barricading themselves in deep bunkers underground, and at the bottom of the deep ocean.


There they worked on their solution for mankind. Within a few years they isolated the human gene for Super Energy perception. They discovered SE is a super force that is interconnected with, gives life, form, and sustenance to all things in the Universe.


Some hailed it.. the "God Energy". But, all of these scientists believed that all living things evolve toward the Super Energy, and if they could speed up this process humans could finally achieve enlightenment, peace, and cosmic consciousness.


Now, after ongoing success with this revolutionary human genetic engineering it is the year 2085. All people have some SE capabilities, but there are a few that evolved beyond the others.


The story begins in a future where humans have genetically engineered themselves to be able to consciously use their natural connection to SE energy and become much closer to a Universal being, finally achieving a long desired and satisfying degree of enlightenment and peace.


They have chosen to leave all the negative earthly animal traits and keep the ones they enjoy. Using the Super Energy streams that path throughout all 11 dimensions of the Universe and their SE connection, they can project their souls as SE energy and travel without their physical bodies throughout this vast Universe. The SE also provides a neuro-link between all SE humans and systems.


This metaphysical journey finds the human race in connection with the Universal source that can finally bring mankind into the realm of cosmic awareness. As they travel farther into this cosmic realm, and traverse the vast distances of the multidimensional Universe what is next to learn?


What, or who will they next encounter? Will it, or they be enlightened and peaceful too? And now that we have transitioned into a more Universal creature how will we live our lives, love, learn, evolve, and enjoy our new found freedom from Earth's bio-animal control?


Session 1 begins in the year 2085. The beginning of a new age for the human race. What will they find on their new journey as newbie participants in the cosmic Universe?





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